We need help – seriously

We’ve asked for volunteers before and had very little response. Now we are asking again. It’s urgent. At present a huge amount of work is done by a small number of volunteers, and they could really do with a lot more help.

Unless we get more volunteers we may not be able to continue running the North East’s only community-owned music venue, The Globe.

All offers of help – whether it’s a few minutes a week on social media or a few hours a month at a gig – will be very welcome. We urgently need people to provide practical help at gigs, and others to assist with the programming and promotion of events.

At gigs
Ideally we need three volunteers at most gigs:

  • A sound technician to help the band set up and soundcheck, make adjustments as necessary during the performance, and put equipment away at the end.
  • A bar person to set up the bar and furniture, serve drinks, collect used glasses, and clear up at the end.
  • A door person to welcome customers and sell or check tickets, and assist the other volunteers if needed.

We will give training to sound and bar volunteers but some experience would be useful. Ideally we would like volunteers to commit to doing one or two events a month, usually on a Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday from 6.30 to 11pm.

Programming and promotion
At present the programming and promotion of all gigs at the Globe is done by the manager and a very small team of volunteers. Despite their best efforts there are often evenings when nothing is going on. Also attendance at some gigs is disappointing and this might be improved with more promotion.
We need more volunteers who could help by:

  • Joining the programming and promotion team which meets once a month (usually at 6pm on a Tuesday)
  • Identifying, encouraging and supporting promoters of other genres of music to put on events at the Globe
  • Promoting events on social media, especially Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

If you can spare some time and energy to help at gigs or with programming and promotion (or in other ways) please email volunteer@jazz.coop.