Play it by ear

A series of jazz improvisation workshops, with a focus on learning and playing by ear

Wednesdays: 19:30 – 21:00 at The Globe

IMPORTANT: This course is planned to take place at The Globe. This kind of learning activity is permitted in Newcastle under the current coronavirus regulations. To reduce the risk of infection the number of participants will be strictly limited so we advise you to book early. If regulations change and the course is not allowed to proceed you will receive a refund.

About the tutors

Jude Murphy and Bernie Ranson are both multi-instrumental improvising musicians experienced at playing in a wide range of styles.

They have put together a list of 25 jazz standards, progressing in level of difficulty, with Spotify, YouTube and IRealPro playlists. Participants will be invited to listen intensively to the playlist at home, until they are able to sing the melodies. The melody will serve as the starting point for improvisation. Participants should then play along with the music on the playlist, playing the melody and then beginning to improvise. We’ll be providing suggestions on how to approach this.

About learning and participation at The Globe
We have implemented policies and procedures to reduce the risk of spreading infection. We want to ensure that participants feel welcome, comfortable and safe.
You will need to bring all the equipment you need including instruments, amplifiers (if required) and music stands.

The course fee is £5.45 (ie £5 + merchant charge) per session.

To book
This course is currently fully booked
. Numbers are strictly limited to reduce the risk of infection. To go on the waiting list please complete the form below.

Any Questions?
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