Making Music Together is going online

We’ve been working on solutions to keep everyone engaged with music making in these uncertain times and we think we’ve found a good way to have some fun and keep playing together!

We’re going to be hosting weekly online Making Music Together sessions on an online video conferencing application called Zoom. Each session will be every Tuesday at 6pm. The first session will be next Tuesday 26 May 2020 at 6pm (UK time). Sessions will initially run for a 4 week trial period to see how it goes and then extend the sessions to more weeks if it goes well!

The first session will be an ‘introduction to zoom’ and how to use it. I will teach everyone the basics of how to use zoom online and get you up and running for the online sessions. You don’t have to be a computer expert and don’t worry if you feel nervous using something new on your computer, I will be there to help you all the way!

You can access zoom online on a webpage or via an application for your computer. The application can be downloaded here under the heading ‘Zoom Client For Meetings’:

To join in with the zoom group next Tuesday 26th May at 6pm (UK time), click on this link 5 minutes before the meeting starts:

You will be put into a ‘waiting room’ until I allow you in the session. No one will be able to hear or see you in the waiting room.

When/if it asks you to input any codes or numbers for the meeting ID and password, use the numbers below:

Meeting ID: 852 1003 7682
Password: 817375

A Few House Rules/Comments:

– Using computers and online video calls can be a daunting and sometimes stressful experience for some people. I am here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. You will be treated with respect and given whatever support you need to help you engage with the sessions. There is no such thing as a silly question. Your question will probably be the same question that someone else has!

– It is not compulsory to have your video and/or computer microphone on during the sessions. If you feel more comfortable having your video and microphone off during the sessions, that is absolutely fine. For the majority of the session, I will be muting your audio anyway so I can deliver parts of the session without interruption. There will be a silent chat function available throughout the session to ask any questions you may have while I am talking.

– All Making Music Together online sessions are free. There is no cost to join these sessions.

– Please have a pen/pencil and paper ready to jot down any notes and important information in the session!

– Making Music Together online zoom sessions are a safe space for anyone aged 18 years and above to join in with. No abusive or derogatory comments will be tolerated and if the host or co-host deems someone’s behaviour to be negatively impacting the session, they will be immediately removed from the session and not allowed back to any future Making Music Together online sessions. Although this email is intended to be shared with anyone who wants to get involved, if the meeting ID or password is abused in any way, the session will be terminated and a new meeting ID and password will be sent out to members.

– For GDPR and online safety reasons, Making Music Together sessions will be available to people that are aged 18 years and above only. Anyone who is challenged on their age and cannot give proof of being 18 or over will be removed immediately from the group.

Making Music Together are here to keep people safe, get involved in music and have fun together. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email or get in contact with me on any of the contact options below.

I hugely look forward to seeing you all again, and perhaps some new faces, next week. It’s been too long! Please share this link around with anyone that may be interested in getting involved. Bring your instrument (tune it up first if you can!), voice, or just join us to listen and have a cuppa and see why Making Music Together is a lot of fun!

All the best,

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