KOAN 7 – Form and Space

Saturday 17 March 2018, 7pm

An evening of free improvisation and original composition

KOAN is back with a truly remarkable line up. On one bill for one night will be:

  • The Lightwaves Museum (Driving /mesmeric/ motorik/ wholly improvised psychedelia)
  • Mobius ( wonderous soaring vocal duo, “its drone Jim but not as we know it”)
  • Cooking with Three ( improvised lights dance music extravanganza)
  • John Pope ( Newcastle’s cutting edge bass player agrees to do a rare solo improvisation).

The Lightwaves Museum
100% proof psychedelia re-rooted through a kraut rock sensibility delivers a kaleidoscope of moods from swirling dreamlands to insistent driving motoric. A traditional line up of guitar, bass and drums veers light years away from that set up. The shifting insistent emphasis of the rhythm section of the Bonnin Brothers interplays infinitely with the diverse guitar styles, synth samples and effects of Andrew Mills. Prophetic half sung spoken word tours eerie sonic landscapes of a world teetering on the edge. The writing is on the wall. Entirely improvised and locked together through years of practice The Lightwaves Museum ensure you will travel.

The soaring mesmeric vocal loop duo of James Watts and Skylar Gill present their transcendental worlds of “Mists of vocal melody hung over the mire. Bubbles of guttural tone are filtered through the sediment and ghost notes reverberate in the early gloom. A dawn chorus of double headed clay birds.” One of 2018s most interesting propositions.

Cooking With Three
Cooking With Three are a collaborative mixed-media free-improv ensemble based in Newcastle. They explore the mediums of dance, visuals and sound, creating spontaneous works that respond to their immediate environment. As well performing the group exists as a fortnightly forum open to everyone and anyone to come and improvise freely.

John Pope
John Pope is an improvising musician and bass player hailing from the North East. His work draws on a lifetime’s immersion in jazz, rock, soul and experimental music, filtered through the cracked vessel of the free improviser. Equally adventurous on both the bass guitar and the upright, he has performed around the UK and worked with musicians all across the spectrum of modern music, from jazz legends to free improv upstarts and at least one genuine pop star. Notable collaborations include performances or recordings with Roger Turner, Chris Biscoe, Tony Bevan, Joe Morris, Rhodri Davies, Beatrix Ward-Fernandez, Faye MacCalman and many others. He is an avid board game collector and a reasonable cook.

Admission £5 (£4 concessions)