KOAN 5 – Renewal

Saturday 24 June, 7.45pm

Three free improvisation performances

Koan, the free improvisation performance night, returns in June in meditative mood. The outstanding immersive electronic violin and voice duo Thermal Threshold from Sheffield top the bill. Jamie Cook and Gabriele Heller collaborate with textural electronics and free vocalisation. Davey Sax / Nigel of Coalburns / trubba not combine sax, guitar, a range of small instruments and voice acoustically with freely changing style, melody and dissonance.

Doors open 7.45pm
Tickets £5 on the door (£4 concessions)

In addition there will be an improvisation workshop led by Beatrix Ward-Fernandez of Thermal Threshold on the afternoon of Saturday 24th of June 2-4pm at The Globe, cost £5 (£4 concessions)

A welcoming and encouraging environment for people to create something in that particular time and space. An exploration of different ways to approach improvisation – sharing the creative moment, observing, and exchanging ideas.


Thermal Threshold

Thermal Threshold are the outstanding immersive Sheffield duo Linda Kemp and Beatrix Ward-Fernandez. Exploring the edges and intricacies of violin, voice and electronics Linda Kemp and Beatrix Ward-Fernandez unravel their way between the spaces and gaps of improvised textures. “Bright opposites gallop in fury’s imagination, speak and soar to slide off the broken air and out of sight.”

Linda Kemp works with poetry and sound. Publications include Lease Prise Redux (Materials, 2016), Blueprint (2015), Immunological (2014) and an album, speaking towards (2015), with enjoy your homes press. As a free improviser Linda performs with Piggle, soft architecture, Thermal Threshold, and in other formations and solo guises, usually to be found around Sheffield and its environs.

Beatrix Ward-Fernandez was born in London, raised in Cadiz, and began classical violin training on her relocation to Sheffield, UK. With over 15 years of experience within improvised music, Beatrix has performed or recorded with a number of internationally known artists, including Gino Robair, Okkyung Lee, Simon H. Fell, Jez riley French, Ryoko Akama. As well as running various improvising workshops in Spain and the U.K, such has the Women Make Music series by Jazz NorthEast in Newcastle in 2015 and 2016.

Jamie Cook and Gabriele Heller

Jamie Cook is a musician and sound engineer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Jamie uses electronics to capture sound live from other performers and reworks it into rhythmic and melodic patterns. His work draws largely on improvisation and the collaboration. Jamie is a core member of the ground breaking multi-media improvisation troupe Cooking with Three.

Gabriele Heller is a German singer and theatre performer based in Newcastle since 2001. Her artistic work covers a wider range of art forms form improvised theatre and experimental performance to standard jazz and free improvised music. Gabriele is the director of theatre-between, member of the theatre collective Tuesday’s Childe and the bandleader of DIACHRONICX and Gabriele mit drei. Gabriele is passionate about collaborating with other practitioners to explore new and exciting elements within her own as well as other artists’ work.
www.gabrieleheller.com www.theatre-between.com

Davey Sax / Nigel of Coalburns / trubba not

Davey Sax-is an impressive sax player with a long track record in improvised music playing in, Jewel, The Db sound Project and more recently the powerful Space Gong. Davey has a passion for space music and the combination of sound and acoustic instruments. Davey is a bold imaginative player with strong statements.

Nigel of Coalburns- collaborates in a series of improvising ensembles and has a unique style. Equally at home with the creation of sound through vocalisation and the building of textures through novel handheld instruments, Nigel with a strong listening ear is a supreme collaborator.

trubba not is an ambient guitarist interested in the relationship between meditation, processing sound and free improvisation. He plays solo and in duo’s with Jewel and Nigel of Coalburns. His major composed work the Archangel Series was released in December 2015. Since that time he has been committed to free improvisation based on careful listening playing across the style spectrum with a range of improvising ensembles.