Free admission for guests of members

We’re now into the second month of our first jazz season at The Globe, we’ve installed a lift and nearly finished the refurbishment.We would not have been able to achieve this without the investment and support of our members.

So as a thank you we are making a special offer to everyone who has bought shares in the co-op. If you bring a guest to a Jazz.Coop gig at The Globe, s/he will get free admission.

(There are some conditions. The offer is limited to one guest per member per gig. Also free admission only applies when the ticket price is £5, which is the majority of our gigs; when tickets cost more than £5, your guest will get a £5 discount. This offer only applies to Jazz.Coop gigs and not to events arranged by other promoters.)

How is this going to work? Simple. The person on the door will have a list of members. Just tell them your name and postcode.

We want more people to buy shares and become members. We need more investment to buy equipment and make further improvements. To find out how to buy shares visit our membership page.