Big Muddy

Sunday 14 July, doors open 7.30pm

Seven-piece jazz & blues band, horns, vocals, happiness

Welcome return of the very popular Big Muddy to the Globe.

Good time jazz and blues from popular Globe regulars Big Muddy. A lively mix of music from different eras (from Fats Waller to the Crusaders), all with the emphasis on fun, danceability … and the occasional filthy lyric!

Gordon Brown (saxes)
Stu Halliday (drums)
John Haylock (saxes)
Lionel Hehir (guitar)
Jude Murphy (bass, vocals)
Nigel Robson (trombone, keyboards)
Dave Weisser (trumpet, vocals)

“Any venture involving Dave Weisser has got to be worth checking out – particularly when it also features his soulmate, the multi-talented Jude Murphy” Lance Liddle from Bebop Spoken Here

Admission £6 on the door (£3 for students)
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