Membership is open to any person (or organisation) that supports the objectives of the cooperative.  To become a member you must complete an application form and buy shares.  Shares cost £1 each.  The minimum shareholding is 200 and the maximum is 20,000.

You can complete the form below, or alternatively download this pdf version of the form, print it out and post it to us!

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I would like to become a member of Pink Lane Jazz Co-op Ltd.

I support the co-op's objects and wish to purchase shares. Shares cost £1 each.
The minimum shareholding is 200 and the maximum is 20,000.
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I wish to apply for tax relief under the Enterprise Investment Scheme

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I have posted a cheque made payable to 'Pink Lane Jazz Co-op Ltd'
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Buying shares

You can buy shares in the following ways:

  1. Transfer money to our bank account (account number 65719226, sort code 08-92-99). Please include ‘your name + shares’ as a reference.
  2. Pay by credit/debit card or PayPal using the ‘Buy Now’ button below (IMPORTANT – if you want to do this please click Send (above) before you click ‘Buy Now’).
  3. Send a cheque (payable to Pink Lane Jazz Co-op Ltd) together with a completed application form to: The Secretary, Pink Lane Jazz Co-op Ltd, 71 Highbury, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 3LN.

WARNING – This share offer is exempt from regulation and therefore does not require authorisation by Financial Conduct Authority. If the business fails you have no right of complaint to the Financial Ombudsman or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. If you buy shares you must bear in mind that your investment is fully at risk. If the business fails you may lose some, or all of the money you have invested.

If you are paying by card/PayPal please click SEND above before you click BUY NOW.

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