Gero Schipmann Group

7 July 2018, 7.30pm
Brand new group led by German guitarist/composer Gero Schipmann

Gero Schipmann – Guitar
Duncan Eagles – Tenor Sax
Sam Leak – Piano
Jack Garside – Bass
Jordan Dinsdale – Drums

Tickets £10 on the door, £8.42 advance saver online

Originally from Cologne, Germany, Jazz guitarist Gero Schipmann skilfully combines elements of Nu-Jazz, Ambient and Folk music in his
compositions. Often inspired by personal experiences and significant places, his music ranges from simplistic melodies to roaring, virtuous
passages, contrasting floating soundscapes with crystal clear lines, while always remaining narrative and telling a story to the listener.
With his new group, Gero unites some of the UK’s most sought after young Jazz musicians, who deliver and support his composition with a
perfect balance of individual musical personality and devotion to the music.

“When sounds impact the eye, images dart into the ear, and emotions penetrate the heart as if moved by an earthquake or the pain of
abandonment, then we understand that we are alive. Or simply hearing good music” – Peter Mussler on Gero’s debut album ‘Petrichor’ (2015)


Apart from working as a live and session guitarist, Gero also composes film music, having written the score for short films including Having Krebs (2012), Stadtatem (2012) and Samara’s Evil Spirit (2013).

Gero is an enthusiastic and invested educator and with over 10 years of experience as a guitar tutor both at music schools and privately, he is equipped to teach a wide range of musical styles to students of all age groups and skill levels.